Monday, January 14, 2013

>>> The Barbarian Prince: Dragon Lords Book One

Futuristic RomanceBreaking up was never so hard... Going undercover at Galaxy Brides as one of the prospective mates to these Viking-like barbarians, Morrigan has no intention of getting chosen to stay. But when Ualan of the Draig picks her to be his wife with the aid of his

The Barbarian Prince: Dragon Lords Book One

The Barbarian Prince: book one...

The four princes of Qurilixian will meet and choose their life mate. Book one is about Prince Ualan. His planet is male dominated and they must seek elsewhere for mates...Morrigan is a snoopy reporter who signs on with Galaxy Brides to get a undercover story regarding the four princes and their weddings. What she did not bargain for was being mated to Prince Ualan after getting drunk at the bonding ceremony. The story heats up after that...There is also mystery,,,someone wants the new brides dead..

You will fall in love with these characters...The author doesn't tell you much regarding the three other marriages because that will follow in her three other books to the series.

The Perfect Prince, The Dark Prince and The Warrior Prince.

Alpha-male :) graphic scenes, detailed, light bondage..

This book was Yummy... You will find yourself laughing with the main heroine Morrigan. She is very witty...

The Barbarian Prince: Dragon Lords Book One is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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