Sunday, January 13, 2013

>>> Baby Brother

STREET JUSTICE WASN'T HIS WAY.BUT FOR HIS OLDER BROTHERS,IT WAS THE ONLY WAY.The seven Davis brothers made a promise to their mother on her deathbed: they would each make something of their lives. And they vowed they would watch over eighteen-year-old Zabu Davis, their baby

Baby Brother

Eight is enough is more like it!
I would first like to start by saying, "What Happened." I loved all three of Noire's other books however this book was a total blur. It had a decent plot, no rising action, a predictable climax, and a twisted ending. It would have been wise to concentrate on one or two characters. However, this books was maybe 300 pages but had like 20 different characters. Prince is the only artist that I know who has the ability to drop new material every three monthes. Word to the wise Noire, "All money ain't good money." In other words, putting 50 Cent's name on a book doesn't mean anything to an intellect. 50 cent can afford to flop he's rich, however you are not established yet.

Baby Brother is one of best selling in Urban Life category.

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