Friday, January 18, 2013

> Once Burned: Ellora's Cave

One hot summer Cassie Fitzgerald gave her virginity and her heart to Griffin Hunter. When he married her sister Diane, Cassie fled Stoneham and for six years nothing could make her return. Not her sister’s murder, for which Griffin was and continues to be the only suspect.

Once Burned: Ellora's Cave

Once Burned
While home visiting from college one summer, Cassie Fitzgerald succumbed to the sweet seduction of Griffin Hunter. She believed he loved her... until a couple of days later when he marries her sister. She's been away from Stoneham since that summer but now has no choice but to return. Six years ago her sister died, an unsolved murder. Shortly thereafter her father apparently killed himself. Now, her mother's died and it's up to Cassie to settle the estate. She'll go, but will high tail it back to Florida as fast as she can.

She knew she'd see Griff again, but even though she's thought of him every day since their last encounter, she never expected she'd still want him as powerfully as she did then, although she's terribly confused, especially after he tells her he still loves her. While waiting for the paperwork of the estate to finalize she begins looking into the deaths of her family members, but never did she realize the amount of stonewalling she'd encounter. This only...

Once Burned: Ellora's Cave is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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