Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~ Teach Me! An Erotic Journey (v. 1)

Three young professional women learn how to let go and get off, in this highly-charged story of sexual chemistry set to explode in a climax of mutual delight! As an added feature, Teach Me! also contains a feature-length story of the old West, but with a decidedly erotic edg

Teach Me! An Erotic Journey (v. 1)

Please all, please none
It's got straight sex, lesbian sex, a LOT of anal sex, gay male sex, domination, rape, murder, B&D, S&M and bestiality. One of the rape victims is constantly worried about what might be happening to her "little girl," though the girl in question turns out to at least LOOK over 16. What it doesn't have is any hint of affection between the players. I was hoping for something that focused on the type of sex I like, rather than trying to please every preference under the sun. At least the male member is pleasingly present, though often attached to men no vanilla-romantic would touch with gloves on!

Teach Me! An Erotic Journey (v. 1) is one of best selling in Conceptual category.

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