Thursday, May 16, 2013

* Solo Shivers (Erotic Stories by Wilson) (Volume 1)

It's the middle of the night. Again. Zuri is laying next to her man. Unsatisfied. Again. While his snores bounce around the room, her mind plays out scenes from her last lover, the one who made her scream with a single touch, a perfectly placed kiss. Zuri doesn't want to mak

Solo Shivers (Erotic Stories by Wilson) (Volume 1)

Oh my!! Erotica at its best!
I absolutely loved it! The storyline was very good. I think that her not being satisfied with her husband is a very real dilemma in society today. And that communication in marriage is important. There were a few editing and grammatical issues but I will still able to enjoy this story!!

Solo Shivers (Erotic Stories by Wilson) (Volume 1) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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