Monday, May 20, 2013

>> Nauti Intentions (Nauti Boys, Book 4)

Fourth in the New York Times bestselling series known for "blistering sexuality and eroticism."(Romance Reviews Today) Since he saw Janey Mackay taking a dip in her bikini, Major Alex Jansen has had to quell the fire she ignites in him. Even touching her would mean death at

Nauti Intentions (Nauti Boys, Book 4)

I struggled with this one....
I struggled to finish this book. It seems I'm in the minority, but this was a frustrating read for me. The heroine was, well, stupid...and mean. Alex stayed at night to protect her and left during the day. Well, she thought it was because he didn't want to be seen with her. Uh, no he was trying to catch the bad guy! What even remotely struck her that Alex was the type of guy that would do that? He stood up for her in the very beginning of the book. Now he's embarrassed?? That just didn't make sense.

And in the whole book everyone seemed mean or angry all the time. Everyone was either snarling, growling, sneering or yelling. I've also always struggled with couples that were so attracted to each other physically, but don't seem to really like each other outside of the bedroom. I'm talking specifically about Janey. One minute she's snarling something at him, but he wants to have sex, oh she can't resist, let's do it. So they would have sex and then she wouldn't be...

Nauti Intentions (Nauti Boys, Book 4) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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