Sunday, May 12, 2013

>> Perverts of the Unknown

Introducing the cool and sexy graffiti/manga inspired art of Brandom Graham in an off-the-wall tongue-in-cheek SF spoof sure to get your rockets in full blast! Old perv Walt is called upon a mission with hot porn chick Stix to create the orgasm to end all climaxes to save...

Perverts of the Unknown

Perverse and Ridiculous and Awesome
Brandon Graham is a comics badass, and if you think that a story about the world's greatest pervert and a team of porn stars, scientists, robots, and superbeings getting together to save the universe with their naughty parts might be fun to read, then press your eyeglobes against the pages of this ultrasexual sci-fi adventure. If you want more Brandon Graham filth, then check out the equally slippery Pillow Fight. If you dig his art (and the man puts down the best lines; I've checked), but smut makes your heart sad, then just go buy King City Volume 1 right now for serious. This comic is kind of a big deal as long as you like awesome comics and you do. Of COURSE you do. It's got ultrasmart...

Perverts of the Unknown is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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