Thursday, June 6, 2013

>> The Hunted: Trackers & Besieged

Besieged By Jaid Black While studying the indigenous people of Alaska for her anthropology dissertation, Peggy Brannigan is hunted down and kidnapped in the arctic by a mysterious Nordic male determined to keep her as a breeding mate. Trackers By J.W. McKenna Anthropology gr

The Hunted: Trackers & Besieged

A Great Pair of Stories
I bought this because a had read other works by both authors. I really enjoyed Jaid Black's story "Besieged". Ms Black writes believable and enduring characters. Peggy came across as a typical career women trapped in an ancient society that treats women as chattel. Wolf is the typical Viking set on capturing a bride. They grow to love each other and work together to find a way to make their lives together work. I recommend anything that Jaid Black writes.

J.W. McKenna's story is about a group of wealthy men that come together to hunt (really with paint guns and all) human prey. In this case a woman. The organizer of the hunt has done this before to other women. Amy is kidnapped and told the rules of the game. She is bound and determined that she will need be gang raped by a bunch of wealthy perverts. She gives them a run for their money and wins. Ms McKenna's stories are not for the weak of heart.

These are explicit stories. If you are not into naked women and lots of...

The Hunted: Trackers & Besieged is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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